What Your Sun Sign Reveals About Your Eating Habits

What Your Sun Sign Reveals About Your Eating Habits

Love reading your horoscope and finding out what your sun sign reveals about your personality? As it turns out, your sun sign also has a lot to say about your food personality. The sun sign you were born under could have something to do with the eating habits you lean towards.

Ellaeenah, energy intuit, spiritual mentor and counsellor, decodes what each of the sun signs has to say about your eating habits and the ailments your sign could be prone to. With her happy place in the kitchen, the expert also recommends food swaps and diet changes you can make, based on your sun sign, for a healthier life.


Ruled by the element of fire, the fiery signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius need foods like chia and sabja seeds in their diet that will help them keep a cool head. Read more here.


1) Keep Cool: Aries like spicy foods and alcohol however the expert reminds you to be careful as you are more prone to heartburn than the other signs. Balance this with foods that have cooling properties like cucumber. Click here for more foods that the expert recommends for Aries.

2) Take Your Time: Considering Aries is an impatient sign, they tend to rely on the microwave for heating food and ordering in rather than cooking from scratch. Due to the characteristic impatience, Aries is also likely to eat too fast and on-the-go which leads to indigestion. Click here to find out which foods Aries should avoid, and those Aries should add to their diet.

3) Stay Clam: Your fiery temper leaves you susceptible to high blood pressure. Click here to read your food forecast for 2019.


1) Tone it Down: You like to eat like the king you believe you are. You fancy expensive restaurants, extravagant tastes and plenty of good wine. You could overdo exercise and your self-indulgent and excessive habits could be your undoing. Click here to find out which foods you should do away from your diet.

2) Happy Hearts: Being a Leo, you have to be more careful about your heart health than any other sign. Your powerful ego and tendency to control can lead to high blood pressure and other heart-related ailments. Read more to find out heart-friendly foods for your daily diet.

3) Start Cooking: It will do you good to cut down on carbohydrates and rich foods. If you developed an interest, you will be good at cooking creative and healthy meals. Click here to find out which foods are recommended for Leo's diet.


1) Culinary Explorer: The easily bored Sagittarius is always in the search for exotic delicacies and a variety of cuisines to keep their interest in food alive. The thrill of discovering new cuisines is dearly chased by this sign. They rather not eat than eat bland and tasteless food. Click here for more.

2) All in Moderation: Sagittarius is one of those lucky signs that can eat pretty much anything as long as it's in moderation. Find out which areas need your attention.

3) Homemade is Best: This may go against your adventurous personality that always keeps you in the search for something new, Sagittarius, but it would do you goood to eat simple meals cooked at home. Read more about the diet changes that will benefit you.


The practical Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are rarely swayed by food fads however they tend to struggle with weight issues. Compared to other signs, their digestive systems are slower in digesting food. Find out the diet changes that will help tackle these problems.


1) Visual Eaters: Whether it's fine food accompanied by good liquor or something simple and hearty, Taurus enjoys both equally. What actually bothers them is a chipped plate or ugly tablecloth. Plating and presentation is everything for this sign! Taureans also do not appreciate waste. Click here for more.

2) The Good Life: Taurus, you can be quite self-indulgent. The good things in life attract you like a magnet but these could lead to problems for your digestive system and increase risks associated with cholesterol and the heart. Find out the changes you can make.

3) Guilty Pleasures: This sign is the most likely to indulge in cheese, chocolate and alcohol. Click here to learn healthier ways to satisfy your cravings.


1) Healthy Life: This sign is the most health conscious, methodical and cautious when it comes to their fitness. So much so that they can often become obsessed with health and diet. If you ever find a Virgo bingeing, you can be certain there is something very wrong. Find out more.

2) Natural Cooks: Virgos like to cook their own meals and tend to be good in the kitchen. They are the most likely to follow an organic and environment-friendly diet. Know the ingredients you should be cooking.

3) Don't Worry: If Virgo is ever struggling with a health concern, it will be rooted in worry and stress because they are unable to find the solution to a problem. Herbal teas help calm down the Virgo. Here's how you can take care of your vulnerable areas.


1) Simple Living: This practical sunsign eats to live instead of the other way around. That doesn't mean they'll eat just about anything to fill their stomach. Taste, quality and good ingredients are important for the Capricorn. Given a choice between fine dining and a well cooked homemade meal, Capricorns will pick the latter. Find out more.

2) Not Foodies: This sign doesn't appreciate strong flavours and spices, and prefers natural foods. Unlike others, Capricorns don't really crave sugar. In fact, they rarely ever crave food at all! Learn about your vulnerable areas.

3) Sluggish Feeling: When a Capricorn eats an imbalanced diet of rich foods or heavy spicy, they are more prone to feeling sluggish than other signs. This is why you must particularly stay away from burgers and pizzas. Click here for your sign's food swaps.


Thinkers of the Zodiac, the Air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius need a lot of brain food to fuel them. These use up a significant amount of mental energy which must be frequently replenished. Click here to know which foods needs to be staples in your pantry.


1) Too Cool to Cook: This sign likes variety but finds the task of cooking too repetitive and tedious. You can be sure to find that a Gemini's refrigerator will always be well stocked. Find out more.

2) Small Meals: Your tendency to take on more than you can handle results in anxiety, headaches and indigestion. Instead of large and heavy meals, it's recommended that you eat several mini meals during the day. Click here for foods that are good for you.

3) Sleep Troubles: Sleep does not come easily to Gemini and they are most likely to struggle with insomnia. Include yoga, exercise and meditation in your day to help you relax and sleep. These are the other changes you can make.


1) Sweet Tooth: If they are dining in a charming and romantic setting, this sign won't be too concerned about the meal on their plate. But they certainly have a sweet tooth which makes them indulge in a sweet even when they are full. Find out more.

2) Balance is Key: The Libra's inherent nature veers them towards a balanced diet. This sign binges only when they are unhappy or unable to bring some part of their life into balance. Fads and diets don't work on Libra, instead set off reactions that push their body into imbalance. Know your vulnerable areas.

3) Stay Hydrated: Water is Libra's potion and you must remember to always replenish yourself as kidney is your sensitive trigger point. Avoid fast and fatty foods as they make you sluggish and eat fresh foods instead. These are other diet changes you can make.


1) Picky Eaters: This sign is a humanitarian and conservationist at heart and understand the macro benefits of a vegetarian and vegan diet. Their tastes in food are quite unpredictable and they are not very adventurous with their food choices. Find out more.

2) Improve Circulation: Since you have a good constitution, you can tend to be careless about your diet. To add to that, mental stress leads to poor blood circulation for Aquarius. Green tea is a good way to improve blood circulation. Fatty foods and coffee are best avoided. Click here for more diet tips for Aquarius.

3) Pantry Staples: Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best for your constitution. You should be picking up these on your next supermarket visit.


Emotions are known to drive the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Picses. A deficiency of iron and vitamin B12 can heighten symptoms of anxiety for these signs. Find out which diet changes can prove healthy for you.


1) Real Foodies: You are that foodie who not only loves to eat good food but also treat others to your cooking creativity. However, your stomach cannot always digest all that food and you may often find yourself struggling with stomach ailments. Find out some healthy food swaps you can make in your kitchen.

2) Emotional Eating: Your sign defines comfort food. Cancerians tend to eat their emotions, often turning to food as a distraction from emotional turmoil. This can lead to discomfort in the form of stomach bloat, obesity, indigestion and acidity. Click here to know what you can do about this.

3) Go Japan: For Cancer, the solution lies in achieveing a balance. The expert says Japanese cuisine is wonderfully balanced which Cancer must explore. Read more diet changes for Cancer.


1) Tried and Tested: This sign doesn't like to experiment when it comes to their food. They are content with the tried and tested. Scorpio tend to get hooked to a particular food, gorge on it and then go for long periods without eating it at all. Read more about Scorpio's eating habits.

2) Moderation is Must: This sign is known to hold on to past hurt which can prove detrimental to their immune system, making them vulnerable to infections. The expert says it's not so much about what they eat but how much. Scorpio must learn moderation. Click here to know more.

3) Regular Exercise: Food rich in magnesium are recommended for Scorpio. As work increases, remember to maintain a regular regimen of exercise and good food, accompanied by yoga and meditation. Check out foods you should add to your kitchen.


1) Stay Hydrated: Pisces can be quite food obsessed and tend to escape addressing unpleasant issues by turning to food. This sign is prone to binging and is easily attracted to food and drink. Remember to stay hydrated. Pisces needs more water than other signs, says the expert. Read more.

2) Build Immunity: You are not only emotionally sensitive but physically as well. This sign is prone to a weak immune system and may often be fighting cold, sinus and fever. You need foods that enhance your mental clarity. Click here to find out more.

3) Simple Eating: Try to move your daily diet towards simple foods that can be easily digested, leaving your mentally alert and active. The expert suggests that you avoid self indulgence and follow self-discipline when it comes to food. More health tips for Pisces.

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