12 Indian Food Emojis That Deserve A Place On The Emoji Keyboard

12 Indian Food Emojis That Deserve A Place On The Emoji Keyboard

If you're a person who loves communicating with emojis, you'd understand the point of this article. Talking through emojis is cute, it's easier and makes conversations more fun than ever. Although the grammar Nazis would disagree, it takes skill to build a conversation with emojis. This World Emoji Day, it's all about food for us. And, while we're loving the existing food emojis, that are creating a stir in the food-verse, we think that the food emojis keyboard needs a touch of India too. We're passionate about food; food is an emotion for us, be it happy, sad, angry or all smiles, we bond over food. With a simple Indian emoji, a lot of things can be said without uttering a word- like to ask someone on a date, stir up a nostalgic moment or simply follow a daily ritual. Here are 12 popular Indian foods that deserve a place on the food emojis keyboard, according to us.

1. Samosa

How amazing it would be to have a samosa on the emoji keyboard? Cute, little triangular pastry stuffed with spicy potatoes is loved by Indians with a spicy mint chutney or a tamarind chutney. We couldn't hold ourselves together and went ahead creating one for you as a visual treat. <<See our recipe here>>

2. Bhel Puri

A little sweet, a little spicy and deliciously crunchy, bhel puri is an utter delight on any given day. Puffed rice, various chutneys, fried sev, onions, tomatoes, peanuts, chana dal and a squeeze of lemon, what's not to like? It is definitely one of those food emojis that deserves a place on the emoji keyboard due to its popularity all over India. With different names, the same dish with a few variations is called bhel puri in the north-western parts of India while Jhalmuri in the East and Churmuri, down south. <<See our recipe here>>

3.Vada Pav

Originated in Maharashtra and Mumbai's favourite snack, this dish is now lovingly devoured all across India. Bonding over a Vada Pav at 4PM has become a ritual, a memory so fond that this emoticon is sure to touch a nerve in every foodie. A perfect Vada Pav is all about having the balance of all things, spicy, sweet, tangy and crunchy. <<See our recipe here>>

4. Indian Thali

Thali has become so popular in the recent past and with regional cuisine culture at its peak, that India has gone gaga over this traditional version of serving all kinds of food on a platter. Be it a vegetarian thali with curries, dal, rice, roti, salad or the non-vegetarian ones, with servings of chicken, mutton and fish curries with the regular staples to a Baahubali Thali, we have it all. Typically a thali celebrates the culture of Indian food in more ways than we can think of and next time when you go on a date, what if you could ask her/him out with a thali emoji; now wouldn't that be cool?

5. Pav Bhaji

From street vendors to the fine-dines, everyone has a version of this delicious buttery goodness. From almost a bright orange colour to brown, the bhaji is a mix of tomatoes, onions and possibly all the veggies you'd like. Served with heaps of buttered Pavs or bread, this is one of the most popular delicacy in India. And, when it comes to food emojis, it definitely deserves an unwavered spot on the list. <<See our recipe here>>

6. Momos

These little Tibetan-style dumplings are Eastern India's household staple but are now everyone's beloved. From hawkers on the street to the restaurants that serve authentic cuisines of the East, it is truly one of the most popular dishes that simply can't not be a part of the food emojis keyboard. These small mouthfuls are filled with all kinds of minces, from vegetable to mutton to chicken and pork. <<See our recipe here>>

7. Jalebi

Nothing can beat India's love for sweets and this crisp, golden-twirl called the Jalebi is proof! While it is devoured as breakfast in some parts of India and as dessert in most, it is often paired with fadfa, rabdi, milk, curd or poha. Perfectly crispy, golden and succulently sweet, Jalebi would sure be one of the most-loved and used food emojis if it lands up on the emoji keyboard. Well, also because it has lots of other connotations too! <<See our special Halwai recipe here>>

8. Gola or Chuski

We liked to colour our tongues with them and while no summer went by without staining our clothes with them, we all have our nostalgic moments with this dish. Fun to eat and suck, we've all dropped one of these while relishing it. And, just for the sake of our memories, it is only fair to have it on our food emojis keyboard.

9. Chai

Tea is the first choice that India makes when it comes to beverages. The most devoured version of chai is the Masala chai that is typically a milk-tea infused in aromatic spices like cloves, cardamom, peppering ginger. Every nook and corner has that one chai-tapri or a stall that serves delicious tea and is a go-to place for a peaceful indulgence. <<See our masala chai recipe here>>

10. Idli

Fluffy soft rice cakes served with a dollop of coconut chutney and ladled with spicy and tangy sambar takes our breakfast goals to another level. This South Indian delicacy has conquered the breakfast scene all over India with people devouring it on the streets as well as at South-Indian eateries. Our food emoji depicts the authentic style of Idli eating, the one with a banana leaf as the plate. <<See our recipe here>>

11. Pani Puri

Gol Gappa or Puchka, this street food snack is a food emoji almost waiting to happen because it is so popular that it has crazed the Westerners too. Filled with mashed potatoes or white pea mix with a dash of tamarind chutney and filled to the brim with mint water makes it a dish that is perfect in one bite. Everyone has their go-to vendor for this dish depending on the taste they prefer. <<See our recipe here>>

12. Garam Masala Box

A spice box is an integral part of the Indian cuisine and it is something that is customised depending on every household. The secret of every curry is the garam masala powder that brings together the dish and accentuates flavours. Cooking is a huge part of our culture and therefore the garam masala box makes for one of those food emojis that need to be starred in the food emoji keyboard. <<See our favourite garam masala recipe>>

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